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Lights, camera, action!

Develop a script, cast actors, choose a location, and start making your cinematic masterpiece in The Movies. This demo lets you run your own studio for a few years.

Filed under: Tycoon


Pro Evolution Soccer 5 demo

Lace up your boots and hit the pitch with the latest edition of the excellent European football sim. Play a five-minute match as Arsenal, Chelsea, Valencia, or Real Madrid in the official demo.

Filed under: Sim


Cricket 2005 demo

TV-style presentation and domestic squads from England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa put a shiny polish on EA's excellent sim Cricket 2005.

Filed under: Cricke

Doom 3 demo

Put your flashlight and blaster to good use during a demonic invasion at a distant space outpost in the horrific first-person shooter Doom 3. Look out behind you!

Filed under: Sci-Fi

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse demo

You've returned from the grave to wreak havoc on the town of Punchbowl, PA. Begin to assemble your army of the undead with one full level from the game.

Filed under: Sci-Fi

Star Wars: Empire at War demo

You can't play as Darth Vader in the demo, but you have Han Solo and Chewbacca at your disposal. Destroy an Imperial space station, then raid Tatooine in this epic Star Wars real-time-strategy game.

Filed under: Sci-Fi

Ocular Ink 0.92

Travel through a strange land as a wandering eyeball with a powerful paintbrush. You're on a quest to save your town from a terrible eye-pirate in this fab freeware adventure.

Filed under: General

Call of Duty 2 demo

This WWII shooter sequel raises the intensity that made the original a hit. Take part in the End of the Beginning mission as the British infantry assaults German artillery in El Daba, Egpyt.

Filed under: Historic

Chaos League: Sudden Death demo

Anything goes in the futuristic sports sequel Chaos League: Sudden Death. Cast spells, incite the crowd, knock out your opponent, and bribe the ref to score touchdowns and win the game.

Filed under: Fantasy


Anime Bowling Babes 1

With a name like Anime Bowling Babes, you might be surprised by the top-rate gameplay and classy graphics. Hit the lanes with six cartoon women in the fun sports game.

Filed under: Bowling

Diplomacy demo

Master your negotiating skills with a new remake of this excellent strategy board game. An extensive tutorial provides all the ins and outs of global diplomacy.

Filed under: Train

Rule the Rail 1.1

Plan and position every house, tree, and landmark in the free railroad simulation Rule the Rail 1.1. The latest version allows manual train movement and better water features.

Filed under: Train

Lugaru 1.03

Not since Monty Python and the Holy Grail have you seen a bunny rabbit this ferocious. Master the unique combat system to find and destroy the enemies responsible for slaughtering your village.

Filed under: Fantasy

Leisure Suit Larry Magna Cum Laude demo

The original adult-adventure hero is back for the unbelievable eighth iteration of this adventure series. If you appreciate juvenile humor and ogling cartoon beauties, give it a look.

Filed under: Modern

Uplink: Hacker Elite demo

Hack into rival computer systems, steal data, sabotage research, launder money, and frame innocent people in the subversive sim Uplink: Hacker Elite.

Filed under: Sci-Fi

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Trackmania Sunrise eXtreme demo

A new Stunt mode turns up the heat in the expansion for the arcade-racing, track-building game Trackmania Sunrise. Try out a heap of free content in the first demo.

Filed under: Arcade

TrackMania Sunrise demo

Track building, arcade racing, and high-flying leaps are all part of the massive driving fun in TrackMania Sunrise. Create a monster track, then race opponents around the world.

Filed under: Arcade

Turbo Sliders 1.0.7

Battle 19 other drivers in online multiplayer races, or create your own tracks for uploading with this addictive top-down racing game.

Filed under: Arcade

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 3 demo

This high-octane motorcycle franchise is taking the action beyond Grand Prix to the streets. Conquer Le Mans in a Grand Prix race or speed through the streets of Tokyo at night.

Filed under: Street

MTX Mototrax demo

Nac nacs, backflips, and turntables are only a few of the fabulous tricks you can attempt in this motorcycle racer. Take on the pros to bcome the ultimate MX athlete.

Filed under: Motocross

Stick Soldiers II

Bust some very round heads in this low-res multiplayer shooting game. Though the characters' bodies may be thin, their arsenals are anything but.

Filed under: 2D

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